Fulfillment Services by Industry


Mail order management for clothing is complex and cumbersome as there are generally a large number of stock keeping units (SKU) representing attributes like season, design, color and size. Otto Japan simultaneously draws upon nearly 30 years of its own experience in the apparel mail order business and know-how gained from a little over 20 years of store operation by group companies.
We also provide services for physical stores in addition to our mail order offerings.
For distribution warehouses and delivery, Otto Japan can perform basic services such as receiving merchandise, storage, shipping, delivery and returns handling, as well as a one-stop service that includes provision of warehouse management systems, a photography studio and distribution processing (hemming, alterations and cleaning).
For call centers, we help design flows for making sure customers get the retail information they need, including explanations of product descriptions and notification of special deals.
At the request of clients, one-stop services from the procurement stage are also available. They cover processes including overseas procurement, overseas inspection and forwarding operations.



Cosmetics mail order demands detailed management and customer service.
In distribution warehouse management, Otto Japan taps its extensive experience in operations for a large number of clients to offer solutions for dust protection, temperature control, product permits (imports), delivery materials and shipping methods.
Call center services involve listening closely to customers while taking orders, responding to inquiries and undertaking measures to turn them into regular subscribers.
Clients are provided a reliable, consistent service with careful attention made to ensure against misleading representations and other Pharmaceutical Affairs Law infringements.


Functional Food & Supplements

In Japan’s aging society, the functional food market continues to grow. And given the tendency toward ongoing use, convenience for customers is a must.
In distribution warehouse management, we view quality control measures, such as temperature control, lot management and expiration date management, as of paramount importance and operate a just-in-time system accordingly.
Call center services are flexible, accommodating various ordering methods, such as TV home shopping, catalog sales, online stores and fax.
We also put forward ideas for improving customer satisfaction, for example through provision of instructions for use.


Food & Living

It is crucial that fulfillment services for food and living products provide risk-free inventory and order management given their high seasonal characteristics.
Distribution and call centers liaise closely to be able to flexibly accommodate order operations.
For distribution warehouses and delivery, varying temperature controls (frozen or chilled), delivery methods and storage methods are available according to the type of merchandise, which might be farm-fresh produce, fragile items or small brand products.
Call center services are adjusted accordingly to cope with orders in busy periods (summer and year-end gifts), varying customer volumes and different selling methods.
Flows can also be developed for sale of alcoholic beverages on a case-by-case basis.


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