Why Otto?

  • Reason
    One-Stop Service

    “When setting up our mail order business, we were working with just a small team. Otto Japan’s one-stop service saved us a lot of time and trouble and cut out unnecessary tasks associated with escalation. Having web design, marketing proposals, call center, payment, distribution and systems all managed together has sped things up, which has helped enormously.”

  • Reason
    Extensive Service Lineup

    “The customer center service lineup includes not only regular inbound orders, but also follow-up calls and outbound sales calls, allowing us to identify hidden demand and listen to customer feedback. We have made great progress on business plans and improvements to customer relationship management (CRM) as a result. As for credit matters, we have managed to streamline our own accounting operations by outsourcing tasks relating to credit and receivables management and cash flows, including support for payment after delivery.”

  • Reason
    Personnel with Practical Experience

    “The distribution center defined for us the necessary criteria for carrying out operations, from recommendations covering even detailed material specs (cost improvements) through to warehouse layout, warehouse management systems (WMS) and photo studio installation, and came up with improvement proposals on our behalf.”

  • Reason
    International and English Language Support

    “Otto Japan provides a one-stop service for preparation and explanation of materials as part of proposals for presentations in English to foreign-owned corporations, which other companies do not provide. Fulfillment service for affiliated companies overseas are also available as part of a service lineup which Japanese companies are unable to offer.