Mail Order Platform

The Advanced Mail Order System (AMOS)—the ultimate platform developed by Otto in Germany, the home of mail order business.


1 Highly cost-efficient software
High cost efficiency is achieved by managing multiple clients on a single mission-critical server. Customization is also possible.
2 Central management of mail order business with extensive fulfillment functions
AMOS is a comprehensive and integrated fulfillment system supporting customer service center order input and multichannel order management, as well as data processing, management and analysis.
3 Robust security for protection of customer data
All data is centrally managed by Otto’s tightly secured data center. This removes the need for your own customer data management functions, reducing costs.
4 Multilingual support for global operations
Multilingual services even accommodating cross-border e-commerce solutions for Asia provide sound support for companies looking to expand overseas.

Functions and Process

Flow from product registration to payment collection