Customer Service

Comprehensive customer service center functions drawing on Otto’s own practical experience.

  • 1.Flexibility to meet wide-ranging requirements by applying know-how gained from our own business and experience with diverse client products.
  • 2.Ongoing training to hone skills and maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.
  • 3.Quick service and problem-solving for all customers.
  • 4.Extensive experience demonstrated in all kinds of scenarios.
  • 5.Best performance for the best price.

Communication Center

Location Hachioji city (Minami-Osawa station)
STAFF 250 employees providing support 24h/7days
Action Channel Telephone reception/Telesales/E-mail support/FAX support/Mailbox agency/Data entry/Credit management
Capacity / a day TEL 10,000 calls
LETTERS 12,000 sheets

Credit Management

1. Payment processing
Payment processing services varying with the payment method, performed by specialized personnel
・One-time payment in full (convenience store/post office/Internet banking)
・Cash on delivery
・Credit card (experienced in introduction of security measure system)
2. Credit risk management
Assessment of transaction risks
※We can support to protect against the fraud use of
 cards to follow the revise of Installment Sales Act and
 its action plan.
※We can provide the service to check the illicit orders.
3. Contract management
Management of customer payments received
4. Receivables management
Follow-up reminders for unpaid accounts