Case Examples

  • Company A (cosmetics company)

    Company A employs a model for regular cosmetics purchases. Services we provide are listed below. The company used to procure another provider’s services and initially sought partial assistance from us before moving over to our one-stop service.

    Initial period:
    1)Direct mail delivery and efficiency improvements.
    2)Cost reductions through shipping material optimization and procurer change.
    After switch to Otto Japan’s one-stop service:
    1)Web design and implementation.
    2)Marketing proposals (customer attraction and capture/analysis).
    3)Call center (orders/inquiries/sales calls).
    4)Payment management (credit/cash on delivery/Otto deferred payment).
    5)Distribution (warehouse management/delivery).
    6)Mail order system (AMOS).
  • Company B (e-commerce website for apparel and general merchandise)

    Company B has grown through implementation of flash sales for well-known brands. Outstanding issues were shortening lead time and improving inventory efficiency. After initially procuring another provider’s services, Company B switched to Otto Japan as business volume increased, for our distribution only one-stop service.

    Distribution warehouse management and general logistics planning
    Services provided:
    1)Separate handling and storage of merchandise from hundreds of suppliers received after order is taken.
    2)Distribution processing to shipping and delivery after entry of merchandise received from suppliers.
    3)Fast returns handling at the end of sale periods.
    4)Photo shooting during peak periods.
    5)Warehouse management system development and operation according to business model.
    6)Selection of delivery materials for different kind of products and purchasing entry.
  • Company C (large retailer) 

    Company C operates primarily via stores, though the Otto Group provides overseas mail order distribution and call center functions. The Otto Group is well positioned to provide these services since we operate our own mail order business across Europe.


    • 1)Storage of mail-order stock at a center in Germany (apparel/general merchandise/furniture) .
    • 2)Support for invoices with varying VAT rates for different countries.
    • 3)Services for shipping from Germany to 15 neighboring countries.
    Call center

    • 1)Multilingual inquiries
    Mail order system

    • 1)Installation of multilingual AMOS.

    • 1)Storage of mail-order stock at a center in Shanghai.
    • 2)Services for shipping throughout China.
    Call center

    • 1)Chinese language inquiries
  • Company D (foreign-owned apparel company)

    Company D adopted Otto’s one-stop mail order service when starting its mail order business.

    One-stop service:
    1)Web design and implementation
    2)Marketing proposals (customer attraction and capture)
    3)Call center (orders/inquiries)
    4)Payment management (credit/cash on delivery)
    5)Distribution (warehouse management/delivery)
    6)Mail order system (AMOS)

    Company D has since asked Otto to carry out distribution services for physical stores. In addition to the above, Otto performs inspection, distribution processing and mending (e.g. cleaning and hemming) services.